Sanctum Passport Express Centre

A Seamless, Secure and Swift channel for Passport Processing.

Experience premium service by booking an appointment on your terms and getting your passport within 24-hours in a safe and secure environment. Sanctum passport express centre is a government accredited passport processing centre located in Lagos.


Book your appointment in 3 easy steps

Verify Your Identity

Verify your identity, by providing your personal information as captured on your National Identification Number (NIN) including your Mobile Number, and Email amongst others .

Make your Payment and Pick a Date

Make payment online using your preferred payment channel from the available options. After payment, select your preferred appointment date using the calendar to confirm your booking appointment.

Print your slip

Print your booking confirmation slip and proceed to the express centre with your NIS payment slip.

Frequently asked question about our services

Is Sanctum accredited by the government for passport processing?

How do I verify government accredited passport express centres ?

How do I verify government accredited passport express centres ?

Is it mandatory to book an appointment before coming to the centre?

What do I need to book an appointment for passport processing?

What do I need to bring to the Express Passport centre?

How long does passport processing take at the express centre ?

Can I book on hold without booking confirmation?

Can I get a same day booking appointment?

What does the premium fee cover for?

Can I enroll for my NIN number at the Passport centre?

Can I obtain my passport the same day if I have to register for NIN at the centre?

What happens if I miss my scheduled booking appointment?

Can I change/modify my booking appointment?

Note: Mandatory Documents for your Passport Appointment

It is important to attend your appointment with ALL relevant documents.

Your appointment may be delayed/unsuccessful if you do not bring these mandatory documents

  • All Passport processing requirements as stipulated on the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) website "here"
  • Passport Application Print-Out Form from NIS Portal
  • Passport Booklet Payment Slip from NIS Portal (Note: This is a different payment from the Premium Service payment made here)
  • NIMC Enrolment Slip
  • Passport Appointment Confirmation Slip

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